Cheese Wire 20 Meters

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20 meters of traditional cheese wire supplied in continuous length, enabling being cut to requirements. 0.61mm thick

Cut into required lengths for The Handee Cheese Cutter and cheese wires with handles.


Product ID: 0094(L)


This Cheese Wire in 20 meters can be cut into required lengths for The Handee Cheese Cutter and for replacement wires with handles.

20 meters of specialist 0.61mm thick wire which may be cut for use with plastic or wooden handles, giving a beautiful smooth cut, to a large, truckle of hard cheddar or a soft cheese. Coils have also been sold to cut through fudge, chocolate and soap into bars.

This product is designed to last for years, making it the perfect material for the job. Its thinnest, combined with its shear strength is truly unique. For cutting lengths from the 20 meter coil, would recommend a sharp pair of wire cutters.

Other products in Moorlands cutting range are Cheese wire with Handles. Constructed from polypropylene with brass inserts and complete with a 90cm food-grade stainless steel wire. Perfect for cutting whole round cheeses.

After use, wires should be wiped clean with a hot clothe and then dried.

Found behind most cheese shop and delicatessen counters to cut a large truckle of hard cheese. Once the large truckle has been cut into quarters, smaller slices may be cut with a Handee Cheese Cutter to order.

As well as food preparation, these 20 meter coils have been purchased by engineering companies and hobbyist stores.

1 review for Cheese Wire 20 Meters

  1. Gary Wilmott

    Great economical way of buying replacement wire for our Cheese Cutter. Great customer service.

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