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MA400 Starter

(5 customer reviews)

A very useful tip is to divide the sachet down into the required amount of starter, put the powder into ice cube trays and fill with previously boiled cooled water and freeze. Its then just a matter of plopping your pre-measured out starter into your warm milk the next time you come to make cheese. If making cheese daily, order a mixture of MA4001 and MA4002 and use on alternate days to reduce the risk of phage. When ordering 2 or more sachets a mixture will automatically be sent. For smaller sachets of Mesophilic starter, please view product number 0023.


Product ID: 0022


A ‘one-shot’ general purpose product that gives excellent results. 

Store sachet in fridge until opened, thereafter store in freezer.

5 reviews for MA400 Starter

  1. Toby

    Making cheese on a regular basis this starter is great and a very economical method of starting a cheese. It is incredibly consistent, producing cheeses with delicious sharpness, acidity and creamy texture again and again, highly recommended.

  2. Jeff Stratford

    This is really good starter producing consistent results. If making smaller batches it stores well in the freezer as suggested in the description.

  3. Julie Prisk

    Excellent starter, produces lovely cheese. Stores well in the freezer sealed with sticky tape if using a bit at a time – I used it in 1/5ths with 10 litres of milk with great results. Highly recommended.

  4. Ron Savage

    Tried this starter recently to make a white stilton type cheese great result each time will be using again.

  5. Ryan

    This is my go to Cheese Starter which I use it for a number of differant cheeses, including goats cheese to great effect. It lasts a lot longer than the exp date if stored in the freezer as instructed and is great value in the larger pack.

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