We are making hard cheese but have a problem even though all the instructions were followed to the letter. During the first weeks drying process the cheese developed mould growing on the underside. When I cut it open it looked and smelled just like Stilton; problem is it was supposed to be a Double Gloucester!! Any ideas why this should have happened?

When the cheese is pressed it needs to have a completely smooth coat, without any cracks or breaks. Mould will grow inside the cheese if oxygen gets inside. The cheese must be regularly turned to dry the surface out all over, if left on one end too long, that end becomes wet and will support […]

What is non-homogenised milk?

Homogenisation is a mechanical process that reduces the size of the fat globules in milk, so the cream does not rise to the top, as sold by supermarkets. Homogenised milk will not clot successfully with rennet. If using supermarket milk for cheese making, buy skimmed milk and double cream. Combine them in a ratio of […]