Old Bicycle

What We Are Doing

Seven years ago Moorlands phased out all single use plastic bags, tubs and packaging materials, for sustainable alternatives, placing us way out in front of our competitors once again.

We hope our cardboard boxes used to dispatch orders in, will be used time and time again, before eventually being recycled after a long, varied career. Who knows, some may even travel the world.

Of course, changing our products and packaging was just the start. The amount of waste Moorlands produces is negligible, after adopting a policy of reuse or recycle wherever possible. Nothing is printed, unless necessary and we are lucky enough to be signed up to renewable energy.

When the office is locked at the end of the day, everything except the freezer and broadband is switched off at the plugs.

Mail Orders

Everything in Moderation

Mail order, has for many years, been seen as the greener method of shopping. Royal Mail has always been our preferred mail service, delivering an exceptionally high standard 99.9% of the time.

Our carbon footprint has been further reduced significantly, by taking sacks to the local post office on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday instead of 5 days a week. A decision also made to avoid any price increase to shipping costs, due to the record price increase in fuel.

As recently as a couple of generations ago, every household would have been making cheese in some form or another as a way of using soured milk.

The trend to mend and make do, to eat seasonal fruit and vegetables, to cut down on meat and fish consumption, adjusting to an ‘Everything in moderation’ attitude, will be easier for some than others, but inevitable.

Sustainable Packaging