Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride is added before the coagulant helping shop bought milk, give a firmer setting curd. Also prolongs the shelf life of milk.

In cheese making, Calcium Chloride is added to processed pasteurised and homogenised milk to restore the natural balance between calcium and protein in casein.

It also has many other uses, not associated with cheese making. For instance, maybe used in orchards to prevent cork spot and bitter pit on apples by spraying the trees during the late growing season.

We all have an average intake of Calcium Chloride, as a food additive, estimated to be between 160–345 mg/day. It is considered generally and recognized as safe in food production.

As a firming agent, Calcium Chloride may be used in canned vegetables and in firming soybean curds into tofu. It is commonly used as an electrolyte in sports drinks and other beverages, including bottled water.

The characteristic salty taste makes it ideal to flavour pickles without increasing the food’s sodium content. This makes it a popular food additive.

Directions. Use 1/4 teaspoon with 3.75lts of milk and follow usual recipe. 

Store in a cool place.  

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