Cheesecloth and Muslin Bags

Cheesecloth and Muslin Straining Bags made with fine, bleached white cheesecloth.

Not just for lining cheese moulds and straining curds, but perfect for wrapping Christmas puddings the old fashioned way, home preserves and pickles. Washable, durable, sustainable.

Traditionally, cheesecloth has been used in cheesemaking to separate the curds and whey, helping to form the cheese. Cheesecloth and muslin bags are great for straining stocks, homemade jelly, smoothies, custards, making tofu and cottage cheese. Paneer, an Indian fresh cheese, is commonly made using  cheesecloth.

Christmas fruitcake, wrapped in a brandy infused cheesecloth as it ripens, is probable the best use for cheesecloth. After cheesemaking of course!

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