There are many great reasons to make your own cheese, but one of the most important reasons has to be, ‘Knowing exactly and having control over how much salt is added’.

This is a fine Food Grade Purity Sea Salt approved for use in organic and non organic cheesemaking, containing no magnesium oxide in accordance with the Soil Association’s requirements. Cheese salt improves flavour production, preservation and brining.

A more specific description:-
Salt is added as a fundamental part of the cheese making process for hard cheeses and mould ripened cheeses. It doesn’t just contribute to the flavour of the cheese, as mentioned above, but so much more besides. It also helps to inhibit the further growth of the cultures and thus, lactic acid production. This prevents an overly acidic flavour.

Moorlands only stock this specialist, non-iodized, organic salt. Absolutely ideal for cheese making because it isn’t harmful to the bacterial growth in the cheese cultures, instead acting as a natural preservative by actively slowing down the aging process.

Directions for use will vary depending on the recipe you are following. Store in a cool dry place. 

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