You really only need two books on cheesemaking when starting out or wanting to explore different types of cheese. ‘An Introduction To Cheesemaking At Home’ by Chris Ashby and ‘Home Cheese Making’ by Ricki Carrol.

Moorlands no longer stocks copies of ‘Home Cheese Making’, but may be purchased on Amazon. 

Cheese, like bread, beer and wine, is a product with a very long history, and for many generations, was made by each household. As food manufacture became more industrialised, home cheesemaking declined, but is now becoming popular again. Cheese, again similarly to bread, beer and wine, is a product made by fermentation, requiring the growth of specialised bacteria to produce acidity and aid maturation. This booklet gives a simple introduction to making cheese in the home.  Designed to work in conjunction with the Moorlands cheesemaking kits.

Books on cheesemaking. Please read all the introductory paragraphs before starting to make your cheese. These will give you information you need for the preparation and manufacture of your cheese.

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