Cheese Wax

These striking, different coloured, cheese waxes give a beautiful air tight finish to hard and semi-hard cheeses. Keeping the good bacteria in, while keeping the harmful bacteria out. Waxing also prevents the cheese from drying out too much during the maturing, also known as the aging process.

If you happen to have an old saucepan you don’t use for anything else anymore, this would be perfect dedicated to your cheese wax.

Melt down the wax in a heavy pan just larger than the cheese to be dipped. We recommend dipping the cheese twice, with two thin coats for a perfect finish. After use, allow the wax to cool completely. Place the lid on the pan and store somewhere cool between batches. 

If you don’t see a colour you like? Try blending colours to create your own.

WARNING – Heat very gently watching all the time – Inflammable!

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