Vegan Products

Until Moorlands stocked vegan products, I wasn’t aware veganism had actually been around for centuries. Only on reflection realising, of course it has. Being very much part of ancient, spiritual religions for thousands of years.

Today, reasons, beliefs and environmental issues are wide and varied, making it vitally important for all of us to respect, cater and move with the times.

Moorlands only recently, six years ago, introduced vegan products we could guarantee were just that. This makes our vegan range quite limited, but hopefully Moorlands will learn and expend on the job.

Introducing a freeze dried vegan culture. product code 1008, for full details.

Vegan cheese is totally animal free and made using vegetable protein. Soy, cocoanut and potato milk may be used as the liquid, with cashews and macadamias nuts for protein. Bacteria cultures are introduced and used in conjunction with other ingredients.   

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