pH Indicator Sticks

The quality of these pH indicator sticks is reflected in the price, offering a far more accurate reading, particularly important for small/large scale producers making specific cheeses.

Pack of 100. Range of 4.0 – 7.0.

Measure the pH value quickly and accurately. Perfect in a variety of environments such as dairies, universities, schools and food processing.

These indicator sticks are chemically bonded to the cellulose backing, ensuring they do not bleed and contaminate the testing material – unlike conventional indicator papers. This means the pH indicator strips can remain in the testing medium for much longer or indefinitely. Measurements taken with these superior strips are highly accurate, even in weakly buffered solutions.

. Market Leading Features of our pH-Indicator Strips:-
. Safety wallet offers maximum security and convenience
. Non bleeding strips prevent contamination of the medium
. Transparent strips for clear results in lightly coloured or turbid liquid without sample preparation 
. Quick and easy method without preparation
. Brilliant colour scales deliver reliable results


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