Cheese Making Presses

Moorlands Cheese Making Presses were originally designed nearly 60 years ago. Designed to last a lifetime. 

OPERTATION: Place plastic mat on base plate, cover with mould lined with cheesecloth and filled with cheese on base plate. Slide top plate over rods then one spring on each rod, followed by a hand screw butterfly nut. Screw butterfly nuts until the required pressure is obtained. It is important that the mould and follower are placed centrally in the press and the springs are tightened by the same amount in stages to ensure that the cheese by approximately quarter of a turn and reapply the pressure. Do not over tighten the springs.
As a guide, when the springs are fully compressed (with the coils almost touching), a pressure of approximately 22Kg will be applied and each spring will measure approximately 20mm. Unloaded, each spring will measure approximately 54mm. At approximately half load of 11Kg, the spring length will be 37mm. (the scale below can be used by marking off onto a suitable piece of stiff card or plastic). Some distortion of the plates may occur, but can be corrected by turning them over when next in use.

CLEANING: The plastics used are of food quality and the press need only be washed in hot water; it will withstand normal cleaning fluids, detergents and disinfectants, but should not be boiled.


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