Moorlands stands out from it's competitors, avoiding single use plastics.


Running our business in an environmentally friendly manner is a core part of how we operate.
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Buy the hard cheese mould and follower for a free humidity meter. Product codes 0076, 0077 & 0095

Cheese Making Kits

Moorlands introduced The Original British Cheese Making Kits back in 1969, making imaginative and rewarding Birthday, Christmas and Wedding presents.
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Cheese Making Kits

We have put together a range of kits to give you everything you would need to make your desired cheese.
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Vegan Products

Have a go at making your own vegan cheese. We have all the products you need to get started.
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Worldwide Delivery

Based in Rural Norfolk, we provide shipping to every country across the globe.

Worldwide Delivery

Shipping to happy cheese makers, across land and sea. Find out prices and more.
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Our Passion For Homemade

With the cost of living soaring to an all-time, eye watering high, being as self-sufficient as possible has never been more essential. Whether you have vegetables growing in boxes on a flat balcony or replaced flowers for vegetables in your garden, producing food from scratch can save money. You also know exactly where your food is coming from and what’s gone into it. Our mission has always been to help home cheese makers across the country.

Starter Cultures

Share Your Cheeses

We love seeing your progress and the cheeses you make. Each month we will be updating this gallery with our favourites and will regulary post our favourite photos on social media.

Don’t forget to tag us in any photos you post on
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