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Hard Cheese Kit

(5 customer reviews)

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All the equipment needed for making hard cheese weighing up to a maximum of 1kg. It is possible to make 6 x 1kg hard cheeses with the starter, with plenty of rennet left over for future batches. 1kg cheeses may be cut in half and bandaged or waxed individually. Be adventurous and add a pot of Penicillium Roqueforti to your basket and make a delicious Stilton type blue cheese.

This British cheese making kit makes a fantastic Christmas gift idea or birthday present. Even been bought as a wedding present many times over the past 60 years.

Potential yield 6-8kgs hard cheese



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Moorlands Hard Cheese Making Kit makes a fantastic Christmas gift idea or birthday present. Its Even been bought as a wedding present many times over the past 60 years.

As the name suggests, its aimed at cheese enthusiasts who get excited by hard cheese in particular. Therefore, instead of any soft cheese moulds the kit contains a hard mould, with follower. The follower sits on top of the curds, during pressing, applying a steady pressure.

Moorlands have cheese making kits to suit everyone, from the absolute beginner to the home cheese maker wanting to be a bit more adventurous. We don’t want to just flog you a cheese making kit then you are on your own, we are here to offer technical support, so if your cheese doesn’t look or smell quite right, please email us.

Moorlands cheese making kits include products made from food standard, durable materials, which looked after, will last a lifetime.

To make your favourite cheese, please view our range of starter cultures and simply add them to your basket. Check out the Q & A page too, its regularly updated with questions from customers.

All of the products in this kit can be bought individually on our website.

What's Included

5 reviews for Hard Cheese Kit

  1. Michael Gray

    I bought this kit a few years ago and its still going strong. Absolutely love it. The instructions are clear and everything was there that I needed to get going. I love it when someone asks "what kind of cheese is this?" and I can tell them its my very own.

  2. Ross Boardman

    I bought this kit as a home experiment. We had the soft cheese kit already and had sadly never used it. Our first cheese was produced on the weekend it arrived. The instructions were absolutely spot on. The cheese is now wrapped in larded cheese cloth. A sneaky slice was taken and the results were very satisfying.

    If you want to have a go at cheesemaking, this kit is an amazing introduction. I doubt we will upgrade much of anything in there as it has all you need.

    A slight cheat is to use a temperature controlled water bath for heating the milk and creating the curds. You may need to look online for sous vide cheese making ideas. This take out the guess work in getting the milk to 32c and then upwards for the finishing of the curds.

  3. Paul Gerry

    Just bought this kit and its perfect already made my first cheddar type cheese and ready for the next. Just have to remember to stager them. Can’t recommend enough.

  4. Rob McCaskie

    Bought this kit for my Father as a new hobby for his retirement. The kit is very good and has everything you need to get started. Found a local diary (we live in the heart of Stilton Country so wasn’t hard to find) which sells fresh raw milk by the litre and started our first cheddar which is now maturing nicely in an improvised cave. Since then I have made our own simple curd cutter and invested in a soup kettle which makes the perfect bain marie keeping a constant 32C and slow rise to 38C for cooking the curds. 2 top tips I can give at this stage, 1: make sure everything you use or is nearby is clean and sterile 2: allow plenty of time as this is a process that cannot be rushed. I hope you all enjoy the art of making cheese as much as we do.

  5. Gwyn Williams

    Great kit! Provides you with everything you need to make cheese! Simple instructions for us newbies, so my first attempt turned out fairly well, much to my surprise!!! A few weeks of practice and I’m now producing a lovely creamy cheese which is far nicer than what you can buy in the shops, even my co-workers agree, they keep asking me to make more!

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