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Combined Cheese Making Kit

(8 customer reviews)

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This cheese making kit is our best seller, containing everything you need to make curd, soft and hard cheese. Be adventurous and add a pot of Penicillium Candidum to make a Camembert or Brie type cheese, or Penicillium Roqueforti for a delicious soft blue cheese or hard blue cheese like Stilton.

Its practical, exciting and very rewarding and as with all our kits includes enough starter and rennet for approx. 6 x 1kg hard cheeses, and numerous batches of soft and fresh cheeses.

Potential yield 6-8kgs hard cheese. 4-6kgs soft cheese


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This is Moorlands Combined Cheese Making Kit. Again British and our best seller. A kit designed for soft and hard cheese with a few extras chucked in for good measure.

As with every kit listed on Moorlands web site, it comes with the booklet “An Introduction to Cheesemaking at Home”  written by Chris Ashby. Chris was winner of The 2010 Cheese Industry Award. So you know its going to be factual, with easy to follow step by step instructions.

Moorlands has covered every base, with a cheese making kit to hopefully suit everyone. From the absolute beginner to the home cheese maker wanting to be a bit more adventurous. We don’t want to just flog you a cheese making kit then you are on your own. We are here to offer technical support, so if your cheese doesn’t look or smell quite right, please email us.

Moorlands cheese making kits include products made from food standard, durable materials, which looked after, will last a lifetime.

To make your favourite cheese, please view our range of cheese cultures and simply add them to your basket. Check out the Q & A page too, its regularly updated with questions from customers.

All of the products listed can be bought individually on our website.


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8 reviews for Combined Cheese Making Kit

  1. Jake

    Was given this kit for Christmas, and have done my absolute best to try and set aside a day each month to make a hard cheese (mostly the cheddar in the recipe book) and a selection of soft cheeses to tie me over. The result… I am now eating the cheddar I made three months ago = delicious! with a succession to follow so I never run out again. Friends and family love it! Thank you Moorlands for such a clear and concise kit and instructions book, definately have the cheese making bug! Would definately recommend as the perfect gift for someone like me who loves their cheese. Thanks again, Jake

  2. martin

    I have a small flock of goats in southern Spain and bought this kit with a view to make some Stilton and other cheeses. Have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and as friends bring Stilton over when they visit was able to use a small bit to make my own Stilton …. ¡¡Fantastico!! Am now trying new recipes. Thank you Moorland.

  3. Adam Flux

    I found this kit coming to Moorlands for extra cheese making supplies, after buying the Lakeland version. Wish I had seen this one first. My daughter now plays with the Lakeland kit in her Fisher Price kitchen and I have splashed out on a replacement.

  4. Sheila Botts

    Oh no, now I’m hooked!!!!!!!

  5. Catrin

    Bought a kit from Moorlands and Lakeland to do a comparison. Sending Lakeland’s back.

  6. Barry Lane

    Not the most eye-catching presentation packaging on the market, but definitely the best kit. Don’t change a thing Moorlands. Happy customer rated 5 stars

  7. Pauline (verified owner)

    I already have the Lakeland cheese making kit and needed extra items so decided to get this as it worked out about the same overall and I would have an extra press. The recipes and instructions I found much better than the Lakeland one. The humidity gauge is very useful. The thermometer in the Lakeland kit is better as it readily clips to the side of the pan and can reach right into the milk so I prefer that. I find the Lakeland press is far superior and easier to use. Also I had to drill more holes into the mould to let it drain more freely as does the Lakeland one. Overall though a good kit and I would recommend it.

  8. Dee Hanson

    Just thought you’d like to hear that your kit is absolutely brilliant! Just made a batch of soft cheese looking forward to making more!

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