Humidity Meter (Hygrometer)

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Versatile design allows for use anywhere. The easy to read scale shows the percentage of moisture in air, relative humidity. For accurate readings, it is best to position the instrument out of direct sunlight and away from draughts. Allow 1 hour for the meter to settle before taking first reading.




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Humidity Meter (Hygrometer) Included in all our Cheesemaking Kits.

Suitable for indoor use. Comes with useful sticky pads to attach somewhere close to your maturing cheeses. On the side of the fridge, or just in the larder, spare room, rodentproof box in the garage or shed, cupboard under the stairs. Even inside your insulated box on the balcony. Unless of course you are lucky enough to have a cellar or better still, an actual ‘Cave’!

Designed to give an instant indication of air humidity. Position away from direct sunlight and out of draughts for accurate readings. Allow 1 hour for instrument to settle before taking first reading.

Humidity Meter (Hygrometer). Probably the best humidity range for most maturing cheeses would be between 80% – 90%. Of course there will always be exceptions and differing opinions. Proper humidification is important as it will ensure cheeses cured in an environment will age, while retaining moisture to create the desired cheese.

One of the most useful devices to have for home cheesemaking is a humidity meter and there is absolutely no need to spend a fortune.

Moorlands only stock one relatively inexpensive hygrometer, for exactly two reasons. Cheap and cheerful. Oh and accurate. Three reasons.

Allow 1 hour for the meter to settle before taking first reading.











3 reviews for Humidity Meter (Hygrometer)

  1. Kate

    Perfect tool for the job!

  2. Ian Lovell

    I spent a small fortune on equipment to test pH and didn’t get on with it at all. Received a free humidity meter in a kit purchased from yourselves and its great. Does exactly what it says on the tin!

  3. Ryan (verified owner)

    I recently converted a freezer into an Inkbird controlled Cheddar Gorge inspired “cheese ageing cave”, I added one of these to gauge the humidity and it works perfectly thank you!

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