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Could you tell me how I could add beer to cheese preferably cheddar.


There are two ways in which beer can be combined with cheese. 1. Using mature cheese, like cheddar, break up the cheese into small pieces, and add beer (and often pickle, or pickled onions) reform and repress the cheese. This is how the majority of flavoured cheeses are made. This cheese can be made to order. 2. Rind wash the cheese in beer, generally small cheeses (2kg or thereabout), washed in a beer solution, with 3% salt added, twice a week, being kept in 100% humidity, on racks, to end up with a very smelly, but tasty, cheese. This can be done with a variety of cheese types, for example, Stinking Bishop is a semi soft cheese washed in a perry made from stinking bishop pears. Caerphilly is often rind washed.