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I have made a blue stilton (made approx. 6 weeks and forming its 2nd crust), Cheshire (made approx. 4 weeks) and a white stilton with apricots (made approx. 3 weeks ago). I have them at 10 degrees in a wine chiller fridge. The Cheshire and white stilton with apricots are wrapped in waxed paper, but have noticed blue mould forming on the cheese. Is this normal? – do they need storing differently? – do I remove the mould?


Mould ripened cheese need to be stored completely separately from non-mould ripened cheese, otherwise there will be cross contamination, which appears to be happening here. Blue and white mould ripened cheese need to be stored separately from each other. They can be stored in the same area, as long as they are in different sealed containers, so temperature is controlled in the area and the boxes opened outside of the area. The blue cheese boxes should be opened and handled last, so handling is not contributing to the cross contamination. Remove the mould from the non-mould ripened cheeses as soon as it appears. It may well return on the same cheese if not all mould spores are removed and the source of the mould remains.