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If I purchase an original British Combined Cheese Kit how much cheese can I produce from this kit before I need to replace some or all of the contents


To produce a 1kg hard cheese you will be adding one fifth of a sachet of MA400, and 40 drops (2ml) rennet. In relation to the milk the quantities of starter and rennet are tiny, and these are the only two items in the kit you will need to replace. Perhaps the cheesecloth too, but after many washes. ‘An Introduction to Cheesemaking at Home’ by Christine Ashby is an excellent booklet giving step by step instructions, equipment and ingredients needed as well as conversion charts. Chris is also on hand to give further technical help when needed. So just to recap; potentially up to 5 x 1kg hard cheeses from 1 sachet of MA400 starter, with 30 x 1kg hard cheeses from 60ml rennet.