Our Story

Good Old Days

Our Begginings In Scotland

Mary Gregory, a Scottish crofter’s wife, started making a little cheese for her young family from the few goats she kept.

Mary soon found a natural knack for this highly productive, extremely satisfying pass time, all the while, feeding her growing children an excellent source of calcium in the form of tasty cheese.

It wasn’t long before Mary was asked whether she could possibly purchase small scale cheese making supplies for neighbouring crofter’s wives.

At first Mary was only too happy to oblige until word spread so far, she was having to post stuff out, leaving less and less time to actually make cheese with the majority of her time taken trying to keep up with increasing demand.

An online, mail order business opportunity literally fell into Mary’s lap.
With a list of suppliers, growing customer data base, computer and domain name, Moorlands Cheesemakers was born.

A New Chapter

Settling In Norfolk

Henry, middle son and I set off from Somerset to collect Moorlands in a transit van from Appin in the Highlands almost 25 years ago and I’ve been running Moorlands ever since. Over the years my family and Moorlands have relocated several times, settling permanently in wild North Norfolk four years ago.

Not a lot has changed to be honest. Moorlands is still a small family business, running out of a residential house, delivering a comprehensive, competitively priced catalogue of stock and technical support. 

Proud to have been at the beginning of many artisan cheese makers journeys on the road to success. Privileged to support Food Tech Organisations, including Universities, Colleges and schools. Hospitality businesses such as hotels, pubs, restaurants, cafes, delicatessens and street food venues.

Moorlands hopes to be here for loyal returning and new enthusiastic home cheese makers, who care about food and where it comes from, for the next 25 years.

Home Cheesemaking