Pyramid Cheese Mould

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These Pyramid moulds are unusual, but at the same time popular. They produce an attractive taller, free standing cheese. 85x57x80

All our moulds are made with food standard, durable plastic. Dishwasher friendly




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This Pyramid cheese mould has an unique shape, making it unusual, but at the same time popular. They produce an attractive taller, free standing cheese.

All our cheese making moulds are made from Food Standard Certificate (FSC) durable plastic. Looked after, will last for many, many years. Measurements are in millimetres:- top diameter x bottom diameter x height.

All Moorlands cheese making moulds are dishwasher friendly.

Included in the description is a recommendation for use, soft, semi-soft, hard, semi-hard or suitable for soft and hard.

Soft moulds are usually taller than they are wide. The curds will shrink down during the cheese making process, by as much as two-thirds. So really pack the curds in, once the mould has been lined with cheesecloth. Soft cheese moulds have holes in the sides and base to enable the whey can drain freely. Coming in various shapes and sizes, including beaker, cylindrical, square, conical, pyramid, heart shaped and basket. If the mould you have chosen doesn’t have a base, remember to sit the curd filled mould on a drainage mat.

Hard moulds traditionally have a follower. This sits on top of the curds in the mould, lined again with cheesecloth, before placing in the cheese press. Pressure is applied to the follower, in turn pressing down on the curds. The whey then drains away.

Applying the correct pressure is crucial. So make sure you follow the recommendations according to the recipe.

Pyramid cheese mould 85x57x80 


1 review for Pyramid Cheese Mould

  1. Aaron Taylor

    Makes a nice shaped cheese – especially if you’re turning the curd. Found the holes can get clocked with particularly soft curd so might end up using cloth with it in future.

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