Cheese Paper

*** Compostable, Biodegradable, Sustainable Deli Wrap ***

Sheets waxed on one side, suitable for soft and hard cheese, meat, fish, chocolate, soap, sandwiches, cake etc, etc ….

Sheet size 250mm x 375mm


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Compostable, Biodegradable Delicatessen Waxed Paper, suitable for soft and hard cheese, meat, fish, chocolate, soap, sandwiches etc, etc. Instead of throwing the used sheets the rubbish bin, which then ends-up in land fill, simply through into the garden waste wheelie bin or your home composter.

Moorlands environmentally friendly cheese paper, provides an excellent barrier to grease and oil, which keeps fresh products fresher, for longer.
Waxed Cheese Paper, also known as deli wrap, are ideal for Farmers Markets and Shops to wrap fresh produce in, offering protection and freshness.
Street Food Vendors, Bakeries, Delicatessens, Coffee Shops, Fast Food Restaurants and Cafes, all stock good quality, waxed sheets.
Popular with families too, to wrap cake and sandwiches in, before heading out for a lovely picnic in the country or at the seaside. So much nicer than clingfilm.
Waxed sheets also work incredible well as liners for food trays, fish’n’chip, mozzarella pizza, biscuit, cupcakes and fudge boxes.
Start up, small businesses find being able to purchase small quantities essential. Wrapping homemade fudge, chocolate and soap, to name a few.
Sheet size: 250 x 375 mm
Paper Thickness: 60 grams
Sold in 50, 250, 500 and 1000 sheets
Perhaps the greatest attribute. SUSTAINABLE !


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